Wyld - Raspberry Sativa Gummy


A sativa gummy that really feels like a sativa high.

April 25, 2024

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These gummies stand out from the crowd not just because of Wyld's excellent flavor choices, but because they are one of the few gummies that seem to have a genuine Sativa effect, providing that uplifted experience. Whats best is this seems to be across the board with anyone who tries them.

Typically my experience with gummies are body highs that mellow me out and into the couch, not this one. This two-pack is my go-to gummy when I head out to live music venues. They keep me up and moving and that's a feeling I do not get from other generic THC gummies.


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Meet Todd, a Vankleek Hill native, community organizer, and a seasoned 'good times' specialist. After a decade in craft beer, he shifted to cannabis, using his wood-shop as a cannabis fuelled creative outlet, all while enjoying the outdoors with his dog Taco.