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Cannabis Prodcuct Types

Trying to figure out which type of cannabis product is right for you can be tough- there are just so many different options out there! But don't worry, we're here to help. Let us take some of the guesswork out of it for you.

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Ingram & Sons Cannabis Co. are purveyors of fine cannabis in Vankleek Hill, Ontario.From edibles to extracts, topicals to tincture, CBD to concentrates — step inside our family-owned cannabis dispensary to find a world of full choices. Try something new, expand your horizons, and see what we have in store.


We’d love to offer our expertise. Let us help you understand effects, explore terpene profiles, choose the right product, and estimate serving size. Want to go deeper? Brad is Ingram & Sons’ certified in-house Cannabis Sommelier. He’s passionate and approachable—an expert on ancestry, potency, production methods, flower grading, and more. He’s available for one-on-one sessions, offering direct, no-nonsense answers to whatever questions you may have. No questions are off the table.



THC’s gentle little cousin, CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp. It doesn’t make you high and can actually help counter some of the effects of THC. This is why we love products with a combination of CBD and THC. You’ll find CBD in many different formats, like CBD vape cartridges, CBD gummies, CBD drinks, and CBD-rich flower. Ask us for help choosing the right option for you.


Cannabis concentrates are one of the oldest types of cannabis products, with some forms dating back thousands of years. Concentrates and extracts pull the valuable compounds from the plant material to create a morepotent final product. There are dozens of variations.


The OG of cannabis concentrates, hash has a long history of cultural and spiritual applications, originating in the Indian Subcontinent. Hash is the collection of trichomes from the mature cannabis flower, which then gets pressedinto a solid format. It is either smoked, vaped, or incorporated into edibles. Options include bubble hash, ice hash, and dry sift.


Live resin is a terpene-rich cannabis extraction made from fresh flash-frozen flower. This process captures the terpenes at peak potency within hours of harvest. While still incredibly potent, we love live resin for its flavor profile and more-nuanced effects. Live resin is typically dabbed or vaporized, but you can also find it within edibles and vape carts.


Clear, snappy, and potent shatter is a powerful cannabis concentrate. Its higher cannabinoid to terpene ratio leads to its glass-like consistency. It’s perfect for dabbing or vaping.


There are a wide range of cannabis concentrates that fall under the umbrella of budders and waxes. These are highly malleable products, less sticky than resin and more workable than shatter. As the name suggests, they are waxy or budder-like in their consistency. They are great for dabbing or vaping.


Cannabis edibles are a range of gummies, candies, and baked goods that contain precisely dosed servings of cannabinoids. Eaten instead of smoked, the effects take much longer to onset, but they also last longer. Edibles are great if you have respiratory concerns or want a consistent, repeatable experience. Are you new to edibles? Start with a low dose, and take it slow.


Weed drinks are very similar to edibles, as they work through the digestive tract rather than the respiratory system. Once again, cannabis drinks deliver predictable and repeatable effects. As is the case with edibles, the onset may take longer than you expect.

Questions about serving sizes? We’d love to help!


Flower, aka bud, nugs, herb, grass, or pot, is the king of cannabis. It remains Canada’s bestselling product, no matter how many fancy new options hit store shelves.

Flower is the cannabinoid and terpene-rich part of the cannabis plant. Once it reaches peak potency, it gets harvested, dried, and cured.

Flower comes in hundreds of different strains, known as cultivars, which each have unique genetics that develop different phytochemical profiles and produce distinctive effects. Most people are familiar with sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties, although as we learn more about the science of cannabis, these categories are increasingly outdated. We love flower because it’s versatile! You can smoke it, vape it, and you can make homemade edibles with it. Long live flower!


If you don’t have the patience to roll your own joint or blunt, check out our selection of strain-specific, finely crafted prerolls.

These aren’t the dusty, dried-out pre-rolls you may remember from the old days. Today’s prerolls are made from flower-only, not trim. Our pre-rolls are flavorful, fresh, and made from premium Grade A flower.


THC tinctures and CBD oils are other options for those who prefer to steer clear of inhalables. Oils and tinctures are concentrated extracts of cannabinoids and terpenes suspended in a carrier oil or food-grade alcohol. Both options offer potency, purity, and personalized dosing.


Did you know our bodies can absorb cannabinoids through the surface of our skin? Cannabis-infused topicals include a wide range of products like body budders, lip balms, creams, and Epsom salts. Always non-psychoactive, cannabis topicals offer calming, soothing relief rather than a buzz.


Portable, discreet, and highly customizable, everyone loves vape pens. Cannabis vape pens combine a heating element with a battery and a concentrate-filled cartridge to vaporize the cannabinoids and terpenes — rather than incinerating them.

Pens are often rechargeable, with replaceable carts. In addition, you’ll find all types of weed cartridges (aka carts) available, including live resin, distillate, CBD, and more.