Woody Nelson - SSOG 3.5g


Woody Nelson

Apparently it's common for them (Woody Nelson) to have these behemoth buds.

April 25, 2024

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First off, Did you see the size of this cola?!?

This 3.5 came as one giant bud, and after speaking with the sale rep from Woody Nelson, its apparently common for them to have these behemoth buds.

Total terps are coming in at 4.2%, the bag appeal is great with some prominent gassy notes with some fruitiness lurking in the background. Taking a look at this beast under the microscope showed plenty of deep green spots with lots of amber colored pistils. It also had a healthy covering trichome goodness.

The ash was mostly white, smooth smooth smoke, and a beautiful little oil ring to top it off.

The High: Simply put, it's the kind of high where the worries melt away can't help but feel positive and really into whatever it is that I'm doing, but be aware, if you roll up a canon like I did, you might not be doing much other than having a level 10 nap after it.


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