Wet Cherry 3.5g by Frost Cannabis


Frost Cannabis

With plenty of specks of purple on the inside of this bud I was getting excited.

April 25, 2024

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So I was drawn to this strain as I've really been enjoying the effects that cherry-related cultivars have been providing. The bud had a nice moisture content and didn't feel dry; instead, it had a good 'skunkiness'. That's surprising as it was harvested in October and packaged only 2 weeks before I tried it. With plenty of specks of purple on the inside of this bud, I was getting excited. The nose was pretty muted, but opening up the grinder did reveal some soft but sweet and fruity notes as I took a closer whiff.

The burn was alright, pretty salt and peppery on the ash without much of an oil ring. The smoke was pretty smooth and had a bit of a tickle on the exhale. Effects were slightly delayed for me but felt fair down the middle with effects on both the body and the mind, maybe leaning to the indica side of things. For me, this would be a good gaming weed, low energy but my mind was ready for some entertainment.


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