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AIRFLOW! this is by far the easiest vape i've ever pulled from, like a breath of fresh air.

March 5, 2024

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When you need the best, look no further than the Mighty+. This unit has tons of little features you can see on their website, but some I'd like to point out that may not be as obvious are:

The little POKER/STAMPER included in the bottom of the unit. That thing is so handy, whether I'm cleaning out the bowl or seating the screen; it's been immensely helpful while on the go.

The BATTERY LIFE is fantastic. I've been using it for well over a year now, and I'm still getting multiple days out of a single charge. Now, this doesn't come with the unit, but if you have a friend with a 3D printer, you can download a FILLING CONE that clicks onto the Mighty+, and honestly, it might be my favorite part of this unit because I just tap my grinder out into the cone, tap it twice, and ta-da, ready to use.

AIRFLOW! This is by far the easiest vape I've ever pulled from, like a breath of fresh air.

Easy to Clean! I watched just one instructional video, and now I can clean this thing with my eyes closed. There are a lot more features to be happy about, but those are my favorites. The unit fits well in a back pocket, and the buttons are easy to set and change your specific temperature preferences. It will remind the easily distracted stoner with a light vibration when the unit is ready and about to time out — great features for us forgetful stoners. Comparatively, it doesn't take long to get up to toking temperature.


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