Pistol & Paris - Pink Panties Pre-Roll


Pistol & Paris

This Kush sat me down and told me to cancel my plans.

February 23, 2024

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Pink Panties had a lot of hype out of the Pistols variety pack, so this 3-pack piqued my interest as an Indica fan.

The first joint immediately impressed me with its smooth smoke; that's big points from me as I typically won't get through a .5 cough-free. This Kush sat me down and told me to cancel my plans and prioritized some relaxation with a notably clear head; for myself, that's common with weed that have a decent Linalool terpene profile.

For joint #2, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to bust it open to see it. The little pink/purple buds were happily staring back at me as I packed them into the vape, but I did manage to get a quick little pic of them.

If this comes out in flower, I'll be picking it up.


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