Orange & Cream by M*ry Jones

M*ry Jones

The perfect addition to your smoke sesh.

April 25, 2024

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So sometimes for me, a 10mg edible doesn't do the trick on its own, but I'm always looking for little things that will improve my smoke sesh highs and this does the trick. A little sip, and little puff and I'm whisked away to my happy place.

Mary Jones is no stranger to the soft drink game; I distinctly remember seeing the 'Jones soda' ads plastered at every gas station I came across when I was younger, and just like me, they've grown up and entered the Cannabis game. All their flavors are up for grabs and my favorite has got to be this one, the Orange & Cream, that classic Creamsicle flavor hits immediately and without a doubt the 10mg of THC extended my high from my smoke sesh to last the entire evening. I enjoyed mine right from the can but its super bright orange color would make a perfect base for a homemade cocktail with the right additional ingredients.

It's the perfect addition to your smoke sesh.


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