1964 - Blue Dream 3.5g



This bud is a prime example of how THC numbers (19%) do not tell the entire story.

April 25, 2024

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I've had my fair share of Blue Dream and it rarely disappoints, but when you can find one with such excellent taste and burn quality, you talk about it.

The buds were a bright green and dripping with a sparkly trichome coating and dark orange pistils. The buds were somewhat dense with lots of "skushyness" to them.
The aroma is the most notable aspect of these buds and has a strong blueberry muffin quality to it, if you somehow don't notice it when you open the bag you absolutely will when you open your grinder.

The high I experienced started off hazy, so I enjoyed a little quality time petting the dog, about 15 minutes in, it turned into an uplifted, clear-headed experience. Perfect for taking on those daily chores.

The only downside is I'd like to see a little less stem included but the aroma alone made up for that. This bud is a prime example of how THC numbers (19%) do not tell the entire story, and a living soil, organically grown product can create a superior product.


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